Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

High pressure cleaning:

Removal of marine organisms from the hulls, which are not removed by low-pressure water jetting.

Selectively removal of layers of paint.

Light cleaning of rust and paint.

Hydro blasting jobs

Hydro-blasting is the method of cleaning the surfaces of various materials (eg steel, stone, cement, plastic and wood) through the jet of water from a special tool (gun) with extreme pressure. This process provides an excellent bonding surface for material repair and new coating applications.

Heat exchanger cleaning and tube bundle cleaning. Benefits:

Elimination of Damage-Induced Vibration Due to the generally longitudinal flow pattern of the shell-side fluid and the multi-point support structure of the bundle, the potential for flow-induced damaging vibration is mitigated.

Increased Heat Transfer Allowing for more surface area in a given shell size, the throughput can potentially be increased based on the application. Increasing the tube-side heat transfer coefficient can provide increased heat transfer, based on the application.

Potential Fouling Mitigation The elimination of shell-side baffles eliminates dead spots where sediment can accumulate and cover heat transfer surface area. The swirl flow on the tube side increases the shear velocity, ultimately decreasing the fluid boundary layer.

Reduced Pressure Drops The longitudinal flow allows for a lower relative pressure drop when compared to segmental baffle designs.